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Download (BICS Software and additional information)

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BICS Download pageYou can download BICS on this page. You find additional downloads, such as reference data (not relevant for users of BICS) on the sub-page entitled "Optional downloads".

Documentation and background information about BICS can be found via the main menu in the Documentation section.


Note: Due to security reasons, BICS no longer works on the 32-bit variants of Microsoft Windows from version 5.5 or higher.


BICS Software Downloads

You need a BICS account in order to install and use BICS. Do you not yet have a BICS account? If so, you must apply for an account: Requesting a BICS account. BICS can only be installed using your account information. Your computer must also comply with a number of minimum system requirements for BICS.

BICS Software - downloads
Software BICS Downloads

BICS download, Kies de te downloaden versie in de rechter kolomThe BICS version 5 software DOWNLOADs

Select the correct download package for your operating system (Windows, Mac OS or Linux).
Your computer must comply with a number of minimum system requirements for BICS.

How can you identify the operating system you use?
See also: Minimum system requirements and Tips and frequently asked questions.


Note: the latest version of BICS (version 5.5) no longer works on Windows 7.


If you require an older version of the BICS software (in order to reinstall the software), please contact the BICS Helpdesk.

BICS Software (64 bits)

Windows 8.1, 10 & 11:

Mac OS X (Apple):


Current BICS information:

Step-by step download instructions for BICS

Proceed as follows to download BICS in order to install the software on your PC:

  • Make sure you have a stable mobile or landline connection. Avoid downloading via the mobile network when the ship is under way. The connection is not always adequately stable, meaning that you may have to make several attempts to download BICS. So we recommend downloading and installing BICS when at anchor. Is there a Wi-Fi access point close by? If so we recommend using Wi-Fi.
  • Click the required download links (Windows, Mac OS or Linux version, 32 or 64 bits) in the "BICS Software downloads" table  above.This downloads a file with the following name: "BICS2-Install-x.x.x.xxxx.exe" (Windows) or "BICS2-Install-x.x.x.xxxx.pkg" (Max OS) or "BICS2-Installxx-x.x.x.xxxx.bin" (Linux). The file is copied to the browser's 'download' folder on your PC (where x.x.x.xxxx stands for the current version number of the BICS software). 
  • When the download has finished, you can proceed with its installation immediately. Start up the download file for this, see "Using BICS => Installing BICS". But you can also save the download file and install it later on.
     Tip: Do you have access to a stable connection during installation? If so, start BICS up for the first time immediately. BICS will then automatically retrieve all the reference data (one-off procedure). This requires data transfer amounting to approximately 15 MB. The reference data is required in order to use BICS.


BICS test mode

Would you like to use the test variant of BICS? Then follow the steps in this guide.