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Manuals and other user documentation

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BICS documentatie overzicht

On this page you can find the various BICS user documentation and/or links to the documentation.


BICS User Manuals

The manuals for BICS can be found below:



Instruction cards

The most important quick reference manuals, the so-called instruction cards, can be found below:

  Link / Document Size
Installation PDF
See also page "Installing BICS"
0.9 MB
Enter & report your journey PDF
See also page "Entering and reporting a voyage"
0.6 MB
Mandatory Electronic Reporting PDF 0.3 MB
Reporting Container Cargoes PDF 0.3 MB
Container stowagelocation (inland standard) PDF 0.7 MB
Automatic resending from/to Antwerp PDF 0.4 MB
Notify Terneuzen lock of your ETA PDF 0.4 MB
Special transport voyage reporting PDF 0.7 MB


Various (additional) Tips and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be found on the page entitled "Tips en FAQ".

In addition to the manuals shown here, you can also find all relevant technical documentation, message specifications and other relevant standards with regard to BICS in this website's documentation section.