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BICS account application form

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BICS account application form

With this application form you can request a BICS account. To do so, please complete the form below and click on 'Submit'. Within five working days after submitting, you will receive the Welcome Letter containing your BICS account details at the e-mail address you provided. Only with a registered BICS account you can report your voyages with the BICS software.

Note: To apply for a BICS account you first need an RWS account. If you have forgotten the password for your RWS-account, you can reset it via this page.



Please indicate which electronic reporting application you will use.
Select your role as a BICS user.
Please indicate whether you have received a Reporting ID in the past. This is a 9-digit number starting with 7000, which was given to you when you first applied.
Please enter your reporting ID.
Ship information
Fill in the vessel details in this section. Does this not apply to you? Then fill in: "n.a." or "-" in all ship data fields (e.g. for shippers, shipping companies or ships' masters).
Enter the ship's name here.
Select the official ship number type: ENI or OFS for inland waterway vessels. IMO for sea-going vessels.
Please enter the vessel number. For inland navigation: ENI (8 digits) or OFS (7 digits). For sea transport: IMO (7 digits).
Select the (main) type of the ship.
Enter the nationality (country of registration) of the vessel.
Contact information
Please enter your contact details in this section.
The contact person is the person in your company who is accountable for this BICS account.
We will use the email address to send you your BICS account information. NOTE: Use a valid address and check for typos!
Enter your telephone number(s) where you can be reached for BICS-related contact. Please also add the country code (e.g. +44).
In which language would you like to receive the Welcome Letter?
Here you can provide additional information regarding your application.
Do you want to receive BICS and or Electronic Reporting related Newsletters ?
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