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BICS account - change of address form

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If you are already a registered BICS user and your ship's data or contact details have changed, please use the form below to communicate your new (up-to-date) details to us. We request you to inform us of changes so that we can continue to provide optimum information about using BICS.

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Please indicate which application you use.
Ship data
Please enter any changed data for your ship in this section (if you are not a skipper or the ship's data is not applicable or has not changed, please enter "N/A", "n/a" or "-" in the fields).
If applicable, please enter your ship's name here ( if NOT applicable, you can enter "N/A", "n/a" or "-").
Select the (official) type of ship's number: ENI or OFS for inland shipping vessels. IMO for seagoing ships. Or "not applicable".
Enter your ship's number here (Inland shipping: ENI = 8 digits, OFS = 7 digits or seagoing shipping: IMO = 7 digits).
You can indicate the (main) type for your ship here (motor cargo vessel, tanker, passenger ship, etc.). Select the most suitable type from the list
Address & Contact Details
Please enter all of your contact details as soon as anything changes. We require these details in order to be able to reach you if necessary and provide optimum service.
We use the email address in order to communicate with you about this application. NOTE: Please use a valid e-mail address and check for typing errors!
Enter your telephone number(s) where you can be reached here and details of when you can be contacted.
You can enter additional information about the changes here.
use of BICS
Enter any changes to the 'environment' in which you use BICS. This information contributes to faster problem-solving.
Are you going to use a stowage or other external (cargo loading) program in combination with BICS ? Choose Yes or No or a "-" if not applicable.
If you use a stowage program (or a different external program linked to BICS), please enter the name of the package and/or the supplier. The Helpdesk requires this information in order to offer adequate support.
This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
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