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BICS account cancellation form

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Cancellation form

With this cancellation form you can permanently cancel your BICS account. To do so, please fill in the form below and then click on 'Submit'. After validation of your cancellation, your BICS account and associated administration will be deleted.



Select the application in question for which the account was requested.
Please enter the number of your account whose data is to be deleted. This number is the report ID you received in the Welcome Letter (9-digit number starting with 7000).
Ship data
If applicable, you must fill in the data for your ship in this section (the ship associated with the account you wish to cancel, as registered with us). If you are not a skipper or the ship data is not applicable, you can enter "N/A", "n/a" or "-" in the fields).
If applicable, enter the name of your ship here. If you do not have a ship, please enter "N/A", "n/a" or "-".
Please enter your official ship's number (ENI = 8 digits, OFS = 7 digits or IMO = 7 digits) here. If not applicable, you can enter "N/A", "n/a" or "-". Hide Contact details.
Contact details
Please enter your contact details here. These details will be used for any communication with you and confirmation of your cancellation.
We use the email address in order to communicate with you and send a return notification. NOTE: please use a valid e-mail address and check for typing errors!
Enter your telephone number(s) where you can be reached here and details of when you can be contacted (for any questions relating to your cancellation).
Please enter the reason for cancelling your account here, and any additional information or comments.
This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
Enter the characters shown in the image.