Useful websites

This page contains links to other websites that may also be valuable to BICS users.

Fairway informationDetailed and up-to-date information on Dutch waterways, locks, bridges, water levels, and other relevant maritime information.
EuRISEasy access to all the information you need as a skipper, shipowner, or logistics service provider on the main European waterways.
Lock SchedulerProviding information to shipping about planned lock passages, the order of arrival (supply), and the occupancy of mooring and waiting places at the lock.
VaarmelderFor reporting unwanted situations on Dutch waterways.
Operation on demandFor requesting on-demand operation for objects (bridges and locks) managed by Rijkswaterstaat.
CESNIWebsite of the European Committee for the Standardization of Inland Navigation.
CCNRWebsite of the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine (CCNR).