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Documentation and Standards

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BICS documentation

This page contains all kinds of (background) information, specifications and technical documentation relating to BICS, such as manualsmessage and interface specifications and information about the International standards that have been used.

The documentation on this page consists of:

  • BICSmanuals, background information, other user documentation and technical specifications
  • Standardsmessage specifications and new developments, etc. 

The BICS software and additional files can be found on the download page.
The "Tips and FAQ" page can be accessed for various additional Tips and answers to frequently asked questions about how to use BICS.



BICS (version 5)

BICS - documentation
  download PDF / Zip-format
Information about BICS:    
What is BICS? see page "What is BICS?"
How do I request BICS? see page "Requesting and distributing BICS online"
How do I get BICS on my PC? see page "BICS on your PC?"
BICS software downloaden? see page "Downloaden BICS"
BICS User Manuals:  
BICS User Manuals and Quick Reference Cards see page "Manuals and Instruction cards",
also read the "Tips & FAQs" page with additional tips.
BICS release notes v5.x.x pdf (0,2 MB)
BICS Welcome letter pdf (0,4 MB)
BICS ERI message specifications (also see Standards section):  
Electronic Reporting Context & Message Overview pdf (323Kb)
Electronic Reporting - Reference Data, description pdf (86Kb)
BICS message specification (see EU164/2010 standard ERINOT, PAXLST, BERMAN) zipped (2,1Mb)
BICS message specification ERINOT 1.3 (see EU2019/1744 standard)
(updated standard will be effecuated dec 2021)
zipped (4.6Mb)
BICS additional messages (ERIVOY) zipped (380Kb)
BICS interface specifications  
BICS XML Import / export interface v2.0g
Version valid until Dec. 1. 2021 due to extension duty to report
zipped (178Kb)
BICS XML Import / export interface v2.1
Version compatible with extension of reporting obligation from 1 Dec. 2021
zipped (319Kb)
Related Regulations and other information:  
Privacy Regulations (Rijkswaterstaat) pdf (80Kb), See also the Dutch website for the original Dutch version of the regulations
Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine (CCNR regulations) link CCNR website
Merkblatt Verkehrssicherungssysteme (MIB-II) pdf (1,2Mb)



RIS Standards
  download PDF / Zip-format
RIS brochure (what is RIS) pdf (3,3Mb)
Electronic Reporting Context & Message Overview pdf (323Kb)
Electronic Reporting - Reference Data, description pdf (86Kb)
Electronic Reporting - Actual ERI Reference Data (ERDMS2 account needed) ERDMS
Electronic Reporting - Actual BICS Reference Data Dump
NLRDMS masterdump
European Hull Database (database containing the reference data of inland hulls)
EU HULL login page
Shiptype reference card (UN Rec. 28) pdf (215Kb)
RIS-Index Encoding Guide V2.0 (incl. procedures and templates) zipped (5,5Mb)
Electronic Reporting (BICS) ERI messages, Fairway
(BICS --> Fairway authority)
(Fairway - <--> Fairway authority)
See the "RIS website, ERI expert group", sections:
-Official Standards.
-ERI documents.
ERINOT 1.2 XML Fairway message specification (incl EDI<->XML mapping) pdf (550Kb)
International regulations & standards (CCR)  
Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine ( use this link (Document section on the CCNR website)
CCNR Regulations see this link
International standards (EU)  
Regulation EU2010/164 technical specifications (messages) for electronic reporting on inland waters (ERINOT, PAXLST, BERMAN) pdf zipped (1948Kb)
Regulation EU2019/1744 technical specification for electronic reporting on inland waters (ERINOT, PAXLST, BERMAN)
(updated ERINOT 1.3 regulation will be effectuated in dec 2021)
pdf zipped (4,6Mb)
ERI voyage plan message (ERIVOY) pdf zipped (380Kb)


Download Acrobat Reader (c) for reading the PDF files.