BICS Version 6

Rijkswaterstaat Introduces BICS Version 6 - A Fresh Step into the Future of Inland Shipping Information and Communication

Last year, the Inland Shipping Information and Communication System (BICS) celebrated its 25th anniversary, and to commemorate this, Rijkswaterstaat, in collaboration with the Inland Shipping Telematics Bureau, has given the BICS user interface a new, more user-friendly look. Over the past year and a half, Rijkswaterstaat actively involved skippers in testing the new version, resulting in a valuable collaboration with enthusiastic skippers who provided feedback during the development of this enhanced version.

Easy to Use

BICS Version 6 brings significant improvements. The user interface has been thoroughly revamped with a fresh appearance that enhances ease of use. Navigation within the application has been improved, making functionalities more intuitive and easier to locate.

Starting from March 4, 2024, Rijkswaterstaat will begin the phased rollout of BICS Version 6. New users will receive a link in the Welcome Letter to download this latest version. Existing users will automatically receive a notification within a few weeks, allowing them to download the latest version.

BICS Helpdesk

The renewal and improvement of BICS are ongoing processes for Rijkswaterstaat. Rijkswaterstaat will continue to collaborate with the sector to gather valuable feedback and optimize the performance of BICS. Do you have questions regarding this article? Are you interested in testing future BICS versions or contributing to the development of BICS? Then, please contact the BICS helpdesk for further information.

What is BICS?

On various waterways, there is an electronic reporting requirement for ships. Skippers must electronically report their travel and loading data to the waterway manager. For this purpose, they can use the BICS system facilitated by Rijkswaterstaat. BICS is a free system that can be downloaded to the computer. More information about BICS and electronic reporting can be found here.

Differences from BICS Version 5

BICS Version 6 has undergone significant improvements, particularly focusing on enhancing user-friendliness. Some of the changes include:

  • The user interface has been improved for a more intuitive experience.
  • Journeys are now presented in a modern way.
  • Departure and destination can now be selected by country.
  • Overviews of journeys with large quantities are displayed more quickly.
  • Missing fields are now indicated in a more user-friendly manner.
  • Support for filling in VAT numbers has been added.
  • And many more adjustments and improvements in the software...

In collaboration with various test skippers, Rijkswaterstaat has worked on a more stable application in BICS Version 6. This includes attention to an improved method for retrieving the necessary reference data, supporting weak internet connections.

If you have further questions or wish to share your feedback, feel free to contact the BICS helpdesk.

* Note: BICS Version 5.6.8 and all preceding versions will no longer receive updates. It is strongly recommended to upgrade to BICS Version 6 as soon as it becomes available for you.